Nik Huber


    Nik Huber Guitars was founded by Nik Huber in 1996. Since its inception, the company has grown slowly but steadily. Today, a small, highly skilled team builds around 240 instruments a year. And yes, around 20 guitars per month, entirely handmade. This is what one could call an extremely "qualitative" production. Since the first participation in the Frankfurt Musik Messe in 1997, the brand has acquired a very solid reputation. Nik Huber is often cited among the best "electric" luthiers in the world.
    The brand is based in Rodgau, 20 km south of Frankfurt / Germany and benefits from the 100 years of experience of the Huber family, which since 1896 has specialized in the wood trade.

    What Nik Huber does is manufacture a very small quantity of instruments per year, favoring the use of exceptional woods, with attention to detail showing all the rigor and extreme passion he has for manufacturing instruments. Nik is a talented and friendly luthier who pursues his quest for excellence without ever compromising.

    Would you like to acquire one of these exceptional guitars ? Do not hesitate to contact us, we help you at every step to achieve the instrument of your dreams.

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