Divided by 13

    Son of an American aerospace engineer, Fred Taccone started playing the electric guitar at the age of 12. It was during the high school years that Fred began to modify and create his first amps under the direction of Bob Rissi (amp designer for Fender for many years, hired by Léo Fender himself), then directly at Fender and Music Man .
    A seasoned sound engineer and technician, he soon made a name for himself among Los Angeles-based musicians. It is therefore little by little that he begins to repair and manufacture amps for artists such as Dave Grohl, Brian Ray, Ron Wood, Mark Knopfler, Aerosmith, Maroon 5, Lenny Kravitz, The Kills, Richie Sambora, John Mayer , The Edge and many more. Fact that does not lie, Fred Taccone has an endless list of clients, without ever having advertised.

    In short, Divided by 13 amps are present in all the biggest recording studios in the world, and on all the biggest stages, used by the most prestigious artists. You've probably heard them hundreds of times on different albums without even knowing it. Why? Top manufacturing, extreme musicality and a unique sound signature. If you don't yet know what an exceptional amp is, come meet us and try a Divided by 13 amp!
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