Strandberg Guitars has been deeply committed to innovation since its beginnings in 1982. The brand continually strives to deliver new solutions that meet the needs of today's guitarists, with the global playing community engaged in the design process. .

    The brand is based in Uppsala, Sweden and manufactures all its instruments in Asia, mixing "handmade" know-how where "feel" is required, and CNC technologies, where precision is required. Strandberg guitars combine ergonomics, playability, quality, innovation and design to make them instruments with a unique grip and look.

    The brand owns several patents, such as the EndurNeck. These exclusive features promote the brand's own concept. At Strandberg, we believe that your best performance comes from the inspiration your instrument gives you. The sound, the way you play, but also how you feel the instrument are essential parts of the music creation process. In the same way that the brand has designed its guitars and parts, from the most efficient materials to eliminate all potential energy losses at the level of the instrument's vibration; they also removed other barriers that can inhibit your inspiration as a musician.

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