Kz Guitarworks


    Kz Guitarworks is a perfect example of Japan's best in high-end guitar making. Japanese luthiers transmit a unique philosophy and approach to lutherie through their creations. Deep respect for materials, devotion to a job well done , extreme precision and attention to detail, Kazutaka Ijuin works alone with his assistant Mr. Hamano in his small workshop by the sea, located about fifty kilometers from Tokyo.

    Kazutaka only makes about 10 instruments a year. He selects the best woods, naturally dried, takes his time to make each guitar entirely by hand. Everything is done "in house" from the drying of the essences to the laying of the ropes. With Kz, we are totally tailor-made because each creation is totally unique and artisanal.

    Oh... by the way! Small important detail. Kz offers the only true "high-end" and official replica of the Brian May Red Special. Only replica validated and actually played on stage by Brian May (no relation, of course, with the Korean model of series).

    For those who are looking for an exceptional guitar, made to measure, with know-how and a "touching" affection for each instrument made, Kz Guitarworks offers you the best of Japanese know-how and a touch of Excellency.

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