MB Guitars

    Years. That's how long it took us to finally unearth the best “vintage” replicas of the models made by the American brand from Fullerton, before it was taken over by CBS. Mike Bowes is a passionate, no, a diehard, no, a hard worker for a job well done and an inexhaustible craftsman concerning his love for these legendary guitars. He is a fan of vintage guitars and an attentive luthier.
    He began his career in 2008 at SimS Custom UK / Enfield Guitars in the UK and worked for Peter Frampton, David Gilmour, Brian May, Bryan Adams and other workshop clients. Over the years, he experimented with different aging processes, different approaches to obtain the most authentic replicas and the closest possible to the originals. This, both in terms of aesthetics and tonal characteristics. It is the quest for its own holy grail.
    Mike founded MB Guitars in 2020, with the desire to offer instruments with vintage sensations, original, entirely handcrafted from A to Z, using the best components available. Mike Bowes' guitars are simply the closest we've found to an original, authentic vintage. At Guitars Rebellion, we work as closely as possible with Mike. We select all of our bodies, necks, fingerboards and discuss finishes together. This hand-in-hand manufacturing process allows us to offer you the instrument of your dreams, in accordance with your wishes and 100% tailor-made.
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