"We design products that let you carry your love of music with you everyday, everywhere" is the philosophy of this young Taiwanese brand that we fell in love with. At Guitars Rebellion, we're always on the lookout for the best products and people who like to rub shoulders with excellence. Quality, design, attention to detail, this is what best characterizes the young BASINER team.

    The brand was born from the convergence of two distinct passions. When a guitarist who couldn't find a gigbag to suit his needs and an industrial designer with a solid background in luggage and bag design both come together, it's BASINER.

    Since its creation in 2013, Basiner has continued its original quest to manufacture products with an intelligent, useful, aesthetic design and designed for the most demanding music lovers. The name BASINER comes from the word "basin", the brand being based in Taipei City, in a district bearing the same name.

    Forget plastic gigbags, without style, with cheap materials. BASINER represents haute couture for musicians, offering accessories with a very "urban style" design with premium materials and finishes of a quality similar to the best luggage brands.
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