Dave Friedman is the man behind the sound signature of artists like Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens, Jerry Cantrell, Richie Sambora... Based in Los Angeles for over 25 years, Dave Friedman has built, modified and repaired the amps of these stars and many other talented musicians who need no introduction.
    David Friedman's experience has enabled him to acquire unprecedented notoriety in recent years, with the specialty of offering Marshall type amps, with quite simply the best mods available on the market. Quality components, careful assembly and a totally inimitable "bulldozer" Lead sound, have made Friedman amps and pedals among the new world references in high-end amplification. It was in January 2016 that the brand announced its first effect pedals. And of course, they are at least as good as the amps! Looking for the best of British sound with more "everything"? Friedman effects are for you!