Edwards by ESP


    Forty five years have passed and at Guitars Rebellion we still have some of the oldest ESPs made by the brand in the mid 70's when Electric Sound Products was just a small shop in the neighborhood of Shibuya in Tokyo. Over time and meetings with our partners, we have been able to build a strong and original partnership with the brand. Guitars Rebellion is not an ESP reseller like the others, but THE ESP reseller! The brand has always wanted to offer different instruments and exceptional service. We share the same values ​​and the same vision of the instrument, which is why we are its first ambassadors outside of Japan.
    Our exhaustive knowledge of the brand and its manufacturing processes make Guitars Rebellion the first contact - export - for everything related to the brand.
    And don't forget... "if you can dream it, we can build it!"

    At Guitars Rebellion you will find the Edwards range exclusively. The Edwards are a line of models largely reserved for the Asian market (Japan, Korea, China...). Three different series compose it. The first, the Replica, among which we will find the E-LP (Les Paul), the E-SA (ES), E-SE (stratocaster) etc... The second, Original offers you models inspired by the Custom Shop of the brand. And finally, the Signature (Overseas and Japan) which are excellent alternatives for those who cannot access the Custom Shop.

    Extremely neat manufacturing, quality parts and electronics, the Edwards have it all and are totally similar to the ESP E-II in terms of quality. One of the best value for money on the market with the seriousness and attention to detail that characterizes the brand.

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