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    Yukihiro Hayashi is someone who needs no introduction in the land of the rising sun. Yuki began his career some 10 years ago in the world of pro audio, designing audio systems and consoles for recording studios.
    This experience allowed him to make a name for himself and gain popularity in the Japanese music world. A few years later, Yuki was recruited by the greatest Japanese rock band of all time... X-Japan! He then becomes Hide's guitar-tech.
    In 1997, Yuki joined Victor Japan (JVC-Kenwood) and created for the brand mixers, consoles and power amps for Live. In 2002, he started to develop systems and pedalboards for the greatest Japanese artists, such as Luna Sea, l'Arc-En-Ciel, KAZ and many other international artists. He collaborates closely with Pete and Lynda Cornish for the realization of the common systems.

    In 2011, Free The Tone, then another brand's Custom Shop, became independent to focus on the manufacture and design of ultra-high-end custom pedals, effects and rack systems.
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