WEEHBO is a premium pedal manufacturer located in Hannover, Germany. Eike is mainly in charge of development and production, Jana is in charge of sound design and everything that requires intense brainstorming within the small company.

    It was in 2008 that WEEHBO began to design and sell its first pedals and to develop all over the world. The fine team manufactures everything "in house", each chassis is machined on site, each PCB is assembled in the small workshop from which each product leaves after having been thoroughly tested. Eike, who has a master's degree in electronic engineering, brings all his experience to design pedals with ultra-qualitative "in-house" designs. Jana, an experienced musician with a pair of sharp ears, impresses us with the unique voicing that each pedal benefits from.

    WEEHBO pedals are unique in their ability to reproduce all the nuances and complexity of a real amp channel. Each model is an ultra-faithful replica of a mythical amp that it reproduces with insolent perfection. WEEHBO pedals sound huge, dense, organic and above all, never like pedals!
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