Two Rock


    If names like John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, Robben Ford, Eric Johnson and Matt Schofield are familiar to you, then chances are you've heard of Two-Rock amps. Let's be clear, the Californian brand offers very high-end amps and only that! Here, we touch on excellence and exception. Ultra-fast response, big dynamics, ultimate pedal platform and crazy clean channel, these are a few words that perfectly match the character of these extraordinary amps.

    After a turbulent time at "Premier Builders Guild", the founders of the brand bought it to return to a more "organic" production. Each amp is handmade in San Francisco and benefits from the best components on the market, special attention to detail and a unique design. Each amp is tested and signed by the team.
    If you think that your old Twin Reverb is a reference of the genre, then we highly recommend that you come and try the Two-Rock range which will surely bring you a little closer to the sound of your dreams. Trying a Two-Rock is forgetting everything else!