The first time we play a Diezel amp, we have... how to say? The impression of being able to crush the guitar world around us by just playing a fifth on your favorite guitar! :)
    Diezel amps visually have the head of the job, and once connected, the magic happens and we immediately understand why James Hetfield, Alter Bridge, Richie Sambora, Billy Corgan, Matt Bellamy, Korn, Sugizo and many others. others use them. The German brand does not lace, in a few years Diezel has established itself as one of the absolute references in terms of high-end BIG SOUND.

    In 2016, Peter Diezel gave us the first pedals of the brand and... They are like the amps! Huge! With Diezel pedals, you have the devastating sound of the brand's massive amp heads at your toes. Deutsch Qualität!

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