Tone King


    Founded by Mark Bartel in 1993, Tone King started in a simple garage in the city of Kingston in the state of New York. Electronic engineer and big fan of fine violin making, Mark has always been passionate about everything related to sound and acoustics. A true perfectionist.

    In 2009 he was invited to be part of the Premier Builders Guild - a collective of boutique brands. During this period, Mark became Lead Designer for PBG while continuing to oversee the brand. This allows it to gain visibility and recognition. During this period, Mark developed the Imperial, the SkyKing and all of the brand's flagship models. The adventure with PBG ends in 2016, the collective closing its doors. Tone King is then bought by Boutique Amp Distribution which owns the brands Friedman, Soldano, Morgan. Mark Bartel then chooses to continue the adventure alone by founding a new brand. Tone King remains, and the torch is taken up by Dave Friedman and his acolytes. This represents the "vintage" range of the BAD catalog, the quality remains identical and the circuits unchanged.

    Tone King amps are played by Mark Knopfler and many other talented guitarists. Resolutely "old school", they are inspired by the best Tweed and other amps of the genre. Fairly high-pitched clean sounds, a 60's high-medium lead, that's what the Tone King amps offer you!

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