XAct Tone Solutions

    Based in Nashville, XAct Tone Solutions is THE brand for the best local studio musicians. Tom Bukovac, Peter Frampton, Guthrie Trapp and many others use them. In just a few years, XTS has managed the feat of converting the best American session men by offering them effects of exceptional quality and a tailor-made service.
    The brand also offers many services to musicians, ranging from the manufacture of effects, to the design of pedalboards and rack systems.

    The XTS effects are of unparalleled musicality, they benefit from very high-end manufacturing quality and unique sound signatures. Here, no "cheaply made", no compromise, but an elitist design to offer the best to the most demanding guitarists. Thanks to the experience gained from working with exceptional musicians, the brand offers some of the best effects on the market.
    With XTS pedals, you have sound at your fingertips. If you are looking for real tools for musicians, XAct Tone Solutions is definitely what you need!
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