Custom Pedalboard Design


    At Guitars Rebellion, we make custom pedalboards, from design to assembly, including the choice of equipment. Through this process, we want to respond to each of your needs in a completely personalized way, whether specific or more common, large or small. We help you find your voice, your sound and the most comfortable and comprehensive configuration to meet your needs.
    For this, we do not offer the same pedalboard for everyone, but rather personalized pedalboards for each of you. We make unique pedalboards, which correspond to you, based on models from ACLAM and also other specific solutions. Our very wide choice of pedals, guitars, amps and accessories is at your disposal to design what with your fingers will be the essence of your sound signature.

    Many guitarists design their own system over years, and sometimes the result is rather... unstable. Buzz, hum, bad contacts, poor quality wiring, lack of flexibility and tap dancing lessons as a bonus! We bring you a professional solution, rich in our expertise and our work with the best brands in the world. We work for you, but also with you.

    You choose,
    - size

    We advise you,
    - on the different ways to power your system
    - the choice of your pedals, accessories
    - how to organize your pedalboard

    We produce and design,
    - the complete installation of your pedalboard (simple pedalboard, complex pedalboard - looper, switcher, MIDI solution etc...)
    - custom cabling using the most suitable solution for your system
    - the integration of specific power supplies in line with your needs
    - a silent, easy-to-use system that does not distort or degrade your sound and the character of your instruments

    Rates on estimate after consultation and project study.

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