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Forty five years have passed and at Guitars Rebellion we still have some of the oldest ESPs made by the brand in the mid 70's when Electric Sound Products was just a small shop in the neighborhood of Shibuya in Tokyo. Over time and meetings with our partners, we have been able to build a strong and original partnership with the brand. Guitars Rebellion is not an ESP reseller like the others, but THE ESP reseller! The brand has always wanted to offer different instruments and exceptional service. We share the same values ​​and the same vision of the instrument, which is why we are its first ambassadors outside of Japan.

At Guitars Rebellion you will find rare, exclusive or unique models and much more! With numerous ESP Custom Shop, Special Order, Signature and E-II (on request for the latter) constantly in stock, we are the European reference for everything related to the brand. From simple LTD to custom-made "Custom Order" that we can design with you from A to Z (selection of wood species at our showroom, creation of an original design...) we support you in your research and design of the instrument that suits you whatever your needs and your budget. Our exhaustive knowledge of the brand and its manufacturing processes make Guitars Rebellion the first contact - export - for everything related to the brand.
And don't forget... "if you can dream it, we can build it!"

ESP Custom Order chez Guitars Rebellion

ESP Custom Order Process

If you can dream it? Then we can do it!

Since its creation in 1975, the Japanese brand has always been a Custom Shop offering "tailor-made" to its customers. The years have passed and the brand has acquired an irreplaceable and unequaled know-how on the market. Indeed, the main difference between the Custom Shop ESP and that of all other brands, lies in the possibility of doing, quite simply, what YOU want (of course, this must be technically and mechanically feasible). Other brands usually offer a list of options for designing your own instrument. At the ESP Custom Shop, there is no list, no compartmentalization, no limitation. The only limit is... your creativity!
As you will have understood, at ESP there is no imposed framework, which has made it possible to develop the brand's historic slogan "If you can dream it, we can build it".

At the ESP Custom Shop, every detail counts: the selection of woods, the drying of species, the precision of assembly, the quality and finesse of the varnishes. Not to mention the extreme meticulousness and attention to finishing. Clearly, everything that makes the difference between a "jewel" and a production guitar. At ESP, everything is important, with respect for Japanese craftsmanship that everyone knows. It's not just a question of skill, it's a philosophy and a way of life that strives for excellence.
Zero defects and unparalleled freedom of creation, that's the goal! The ESP Custom Shop offers the highest level of quality offered by the brand.

To create your custom instrument, you don't need to be an expert in industrial design. You can either create your instrument from A to Z if you have the creativity, or start from an existing model and customize it as you see fit, adapting it to your needs and tastes. From the simple change of color on an existing model in the catalog, to the custom shape, to graphic art, to the craziest delusions.

At Guitars Rebellion, we have a more than privileged relationship with the brand, this for many years. Having a custom-made instrument made requires reflection, experience, advice and passion. Guitars Rebellion is THE reference in Europe for everything related to the brand and its Custom Shop. If you want to embark on this project, we will be able, better than anyone, to accompany you throughout the process by providing you with THE answer to each of your questions. Allow 8 to 20 months for the manufacture of a tailor-made model. This, depending on the complexity of the instrument.

Your Dream Guitar

The only limit is your imagination.

Original Series

Created in the early 2000s, the ESP Original Series are the regular production of the Custom Shop. Entirely made in Japan, by hand, with the best wood species available, they represent the super high end of the brand! Each piece of wood is selected for its acoustic and aesthetic qualities. The essences used are naturally dried for several years, and only those that pass a drastic selection will be used for manufacturing.
The attention to detail and the follow-up of the ESP Custom Shop luthiers throughout the manufacturing process is impressive, here there is no room for error, we are looking for perfection!
By laying your hands on an Original Series, you will immediately understand what is different, the simple grip of the instrument is enough. You hold a part of legend, the one that has made the brand famous for 45 years. Quality without compromise. Nothing is left to chance and we are sure that you will immediately appreciate it.

Each instrument being made to order, a delay of 8 to 12 months is to be expected. But don't worry, we haven't forgotten the impatient, Guitars Rebellion is the only retailer in Europe to permanently stock the Original Series!

ESP also offers you the possibility of customizing the models in the range through several options available to order:
- Change of finish / varnish (color to choose from the catalog)
- Change of finish / varnish, custom color (time and cost to be defined, estimate required)
- Change of color of the fittings
- Left-handed version (all Original Series models are available for left-handers, quote required)

Custom Shop - Custom Orders & Original Series

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Are you out of ideas or curious to see rare, unique and highly customized models? Here is a selection of Custom Shop that we had in our hands. Some are part of our personal collection and can be seen at our showroom.
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