Based in the city of Ōtsu overlooking Lake Biwa in Japan, KarDiaN is a brand founded in 2018 under the direction of Toshikazu Kitada. Trained as an engineer and programmer, Toshikazu worked as a sound engineer for many years. During this period he acquired a solid experience in the design of high-end audiophile circuits and began to develop custom-made pedals for the many professional musicians he met in the biggest Japanese studios.

    KarDiaN pedals benefit from all the requirements and experience of Toshikazu Kitada. The quality of the boxes and the drastic selection of the components used reach new heights. The sound design is based on multiple meetings between KarDiaN and the greatest local studio artists, allowing the brand to develop a unique sound signature for its entire range. Organic tones and musicality of the controls make these pedals solid tools for sculpting your sound in an original way.

    KarDiaN effect pedals are entirely made in Japan with attention to detail rarely seen. You will be amazed as soon as you get started with the feeling of extreme quality that emanates from it. They will accompany you everywhere, from the studio to the stage and for many, many years.