Caveman Audio

    For 25 years, Steen Skrydstrup has constantly developed and pushed the boundaries of audio systems for guitarists, striving to create ultimate solutions. Steen's philosophy is simple: to help musicians realize their musical ambitions by modernizing the approach that guitarists have to their instrument.

    After almost 3 decades, Steen Skrydstrup has become a benchmark for all things related to the design and construction of custom audio systems for some of the music industry's most demanding artists. The list is long and impressive: David Gilmour, Scorpions, Deep Purple, Muse, Prince, Rammstein, Dream Theater, Soul Asylum and many others.

    In 2021, Steen created Caveman Audio, his new brand dedicated to sonic perfection. Here, only the best of the best. Silence is golden and it is the foundation of Caveman Audio systems. Maximum optimization, silence, retained dynamics, resistance and adaptability to the worst conditions and finally, durability. Caveman is one of the premium brands that we offer to the most demanding guitarists and bassists. We invite you to discover its extreme quality and its unique philosophy. Caveman Audio products are guaranteed for 10 years.
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