RedSeven Amplification


    Used by a large number of session musicians in Italy, RedSeven amps are the result of the joint work of a small team of talented Italian engineers, lovers of a job well done and big sound that wakes you up.

    As you know, at Guitars Rebellion we are always on the lookout for rare pearls. That's why we found RedSeven Amplification, an ultra-quality brand based in a small town not far from Venice. RedSeven Amplification manufactures high-end, handmade "boutique" amps, as well as a whole range of products ranging from effect pedals to rack power amps, including line-mixers and other accessories for your pedal board.

    RedSeven amps are the result of an obsession for quality and the quest for a unique and addictive sound signature. Each amp is made on a high quality PCB, hand-wired, with selected components and custom transformers made in Italy. The attention to detail is omnipresent and the passion for a job well done is visible at every stage of production.

    From the clean channel that twangs to the massive lead capable of delivering gain galore, the brand offers a full range of sounds and tools designed for modern guitarists. With RedSeven you have the best of European amplification at your fingertips.

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