Axess Electronics

    It was in 1998 that Axess Electronics was born with the aim of offering the best Audio-MIDI tools on the market. For more than 10 years, the Canadian brand has provided some of the best switchers and MIDI systems to some of the most famous guitarists on the planet: Van Halen, Alex Lifeson, Peter Frampton, Richie Sambora, John Petrucci... and many more. customers of Mario Marino aka Axess Electronics.
    In 2012, after acquiring this solid reputation, Mario was hired by Mesa Boogie as a Product Lead Designer. He designs a whole range of buffers, switchers, routers and develops the brand's new generation of amps.
    In 2023, Mario reactivates Axess Electronics in version 2.0 to the delight of demanding guitarists.

    At Guitars Rebellion we use Axess Electronics products in our custom pedalboards and related design services.
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