ACLAM Pedalboards


    In terms of pedalboards, the offer on the market is quite eclectic, the choice offered to guitarists and bassists having literally exploded in recent years. However, not all systems are created equal. At Guitars Rebellion, we have chosen to favor excellence by offering you not what "sells the most", but what is the most qualitative. These pedalboards combine different characteristics that we consider essential for this type of product. These combine solidity, lightness, aesthetics and a few little extras that will make the difference by making your pedalboard a centerpiece of your configuration.

    After many years of research trying just about every system available on the market (regardless of price) and a lot of disappointment later, we finally found ACLAM pedalboards!
    Here, there is no question of 3 aluminum bars roughly welded together for a total of XX.XX kilos on the scale and of poor quality Velcro. ACLAM offers "premium" pedalboards with a whole new level of beauty and design. The strengths of ACLAM pedalboards? Their patented and totally unique fastening system, an ultra neat and modular design, and an exceptional manufacturing quality.

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