Human Gear

    Unearthed by us, the Tokyo brand, Human Gear, is the kind of company that has never needed marketing to find its customers and aficionados. The proof is that the brand doesn't even have a website! Damn! How is this possible in the 21st century?! Well, we can summarize by saying that the extreme quality of the products manufactured by HY (its code name) is sufficient in itself!

    Don't be fooled by the sketchy aesthetic of the Human Gear pedals, the magic is clearly not on the outside, but on the inside! No modulation, delay or reverb here. The brand deals exclusively in overdrive and distortion oriented - Vintage -. On the program, pedals with extraordinary musicality and very vintage and organic sounds. High-quality "boutique" manufacturing, limited production and selection of "Japanese-style" components (extreme rigor) make Human Gear one of the reference brands that we represent. No hype here, just quality and sound for purists! A must try if you are looking for "your" ultimate drive!
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