Founded by the creators of Damage Control, the Californian brand has become in less than a decade, an absolute reference in terms of high-end effects.

    Strymon designs and manufactures creative products that inspire you, without compromise, pushing the technological boundaries of the genre. Each pedal is designed to offer extreme musicality, while maintaining a simple interface accessible to all. The brand is particularly fond of digital technologies. The brand mainly uses ARM and SHARC processors and develops its own algorithms. Everything is developed and designed "in house" from the chassis to the programming.

    Strymon pedals are 100% made in the USA and feature unique build quality, computing power, and sound signatures. From studio compressors to ultra-powerful reverbs, Strymon offers you the most powerful effects processors on the market.

    They are found on the majority of professional pedalboards around the world. From John Mayer, to Joe Satriani, Coldplay, Steve Lukather, Bon Jovi, The Black Keys, Imagine Dragons and all of today's biggest bands.

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