Studio Signature Combo Suede

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Studio Signature Combo Suede
Studio Signature Combo Suede
Studio Signature Combo Suede
Studio Signature Combo Suede
Studio Signature Combo Suede
Studio Signature Combo Suede
Studio Signature Combo Suede
Studio Signature Combo Suede
Ah the Studio Pro… The best seller of all our boutique amps for years. Why that? Well it's a very simple formula: Clear sound to die for, a superb pedal platform, a compact size and a price that makes it accessible. Upon its release, most guitarists identified this small, compact amp as the best way to get a clean John Mayer-style base without having to shell out thousands of dollars. Bet held, the brand then achieved a masterstroke with this strat amp that highlights your favorite pedals.

A few years later, continuing the renewal of its range, Two-Rock which has returned to the hands of its creators, updates the Studio Pro 35 at NAMM 2019 by re-christening it Studio Signature on occasion. Here, it's not just a “cosmetic” change but a very big update that the brand offers us, as we will see below.

Aesthetically, this little guy is impressive. Indeed, it takes up the lines of the last Classic Reverb with a much more "serious" chassis than before. The thick front panel and the new chrome buttons have their effect. The back side has also been revised and the Tolex is now the same as that of the brand's flagships such as the Classic Reverb and other Traditonal.
In terms of functions, the amp benefits from a serious upgrade. Say goodbye to push-pull knobs, these have all been replaced by classic knobs which now make it possible to be made to measure for the brand by favoring a more accomplished EQ. The functions that were on these push-pulls have been moved to 3 mini switches (bass boost, mid boost, treble boost) like its big sister the Classic Reverb. The reverb has also been completely revised. It now benefits from a send return and greater density and length, the old model having a relatively set back reverb.
On the rear panel, Two-Rock has added a switch called Gain Structure. This switch is… the lethal weapon of this amp, as we will see. The Studio Signature remains based on a pair of 6L6s like the old model, favoring its use as a clean rig, with the usual Two-Rock signature.

Big Stratocaster in hand, we take the same slap as years ago when we plugged in the Studio Pro 35 for the first time. The guy sends, with a dynamic of madness and this extremely present "Mayer" side. However, something is different… It clearly doesn't sound the same, the voicing has been completely revised. And for good reason, the Gain Structure is the reason for our little “surprise”. We have indeed started on the Blackface mode. So what is it? Well, it's one of the new features of Studio Sig. In this mode, you have the equivalent of an old Blackface with a more present upper midrange, very soft highs, and bass rather behind compared to the SP35. Everything is ultra-balanced and will delight those who find the SP35 “too fat”, with a “too dense” low end. A kind of Two-Rock calms down. We then activate the Two-Rock Traditional mode. Bim! We're back home! John Mayer here we come! This mode is based on its big sister the Traditonnal, itself based closer to the original John Mayer. We directly find the character of the old model with, however, a tighter bottom, a little more presence and a little more present treble. Top of the spectrum that can be modulated with the Presence button which demonstrates top notch musicality. Last Gain Structure mode, the one based on the Matt Schofield Sig. What is it? Well it's your favorite Two-Rock sound signature with a wider spectrum, denser bass, more sparkly highs and even more headroom. Basically, in this mode, you have more of everything with an ultra flattering equalization for those looking for a "dominant" clean that takes up a lot of space. With this last mode, without reaching its complexity and insolent dynamics, we get closer to the current Classic Reverb which is surely one of the most impressive amps at the time of writing these lines.
This Gain Structure is really THE big plus of this new Studio Signature compared to the previous version. The amp benefits from monstrous dynamics, it is more balanced in terms of frequencies than before and it still takes the pedals just as well. Clearly, the best pedal platform on the market at this price. Each pedal is transcended.
We could talk for hours about the sound of this new Studio Signature, but the best thing is to take the plunge and come and try it out to take a nasty slap!

In the end, Two-Two-Rock hits very very hard, offering a truly impressive amp. Impressive by its reactivity, the density of each note, its articulation, its ability to pass through the mix... But above all, the pleasure and the ease that we have to play on it. It's a fun and additive amp. In an all-digital age where many of you spend your time tweaking tactile multi-effects, we can really say that nothing has ever sounded as good as a superb clean channel and some good pedals. Two-Rock puts us back on the ground with what they know how to do best, an organic clean that will delight all lovers of beautiful sounds and beautiful objects. GR Award!

- Chassis with anodized Silver panel and custom silver buttons
- 2 x 6L6 35 watt for the power section with Gain and Master controls
- 3 Position Gain Structure – Blackface, Traditional Two-Rock, Schofield Sig
- EQ: Treble, Mid and Bass with boost functions accessible by mini toggle switches
- Combo version equipped with an HP TR1265B
- Head: Width 15.625″, height 9.125″, depth 10″, 26 LBS
- Combo: Width 15.625″, height 19.25″, depth 10.5″, 42 LBS

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