Ventris Dual Reverb

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Ventris Dual Reverb
Ventris Dual Reverb
Ventris Dual Reverb
Ventris Dual Reverb
Ventris Dual Reverb
Ventris Dual Reverb
Ventris Dual Reverb
With the Ventris Reverb, the Boston brand is kicking in the anthill by developing a complete, technological and ultra-sharp multi-reverb processor. Source Audio has taken over the platform created with the Nemesis Delay to create this superb and overpowering reverb machine. The Ventris Audio Source is: 14 distinct reverbs, 128 MIDI presets, stereo, the possibility of being able to inject two reverbs into each other and to edit even more functions through the Neuro Mobile application And much more…

Externally, we are entitled to a very elegant brushed aluminum frame. The assembly is perfect, the compact format and the handling very intuitive. Inside, there are high quality PCBs based on the SA601 architecture, as well as two 56-bit SIGMA DSPs developed by Analog Devices Inc. At Source Audio, it's not kidding, the brand wants to be at the forefront of audio technologies, the architecture used offers computing power and processing quality that very few brands benefit from.
The pedal's dual DSP architecture therefore provides massive computing power, which makes it easy to integrate functions such as spillover, two-channel reverbs and rich and complex ranges.

Concretely, the pedal offers you 14 types of reverb on board, as well as many new functions available via the Neuro application. In the program:

Room — Captures the full complexity of a room's natural reverberation. Unlike the E-DOME engine (which offers massive Arena-like reverb), the ROOM engine can recreate a variety of room sizes, from a small room to an intimate space, to a Theater-like space.
Hall L — Designed with the best racks of the 80s as a base, the Hall L engine is characterized by a very diffuse and explosive reverb (bloom). The Source Audio team has invested considerable time to perfectly capture the most complex sounds of these legendary effects processors.
E-Dome — The cavernous E-DOME (aka “Enormo-Dome”) produces a very deep and slow reverb, with a very “lush” and enveloping modulation. With the E-Dome, you have one of the most massive reverb possible. Ideal for ambient and other complex pads.
True Spring — Source Audio's Bob Chidlaw has worked long and hard to perfectly capture all the specifics of a vintage reverb tank. sweet sounds of a vintage reverb tank. The result is an exceptionally realistic effect with the famous “doiinnng” that can be heard in amplifiers equipped with a spring reverb. This very particular rendering is in the True Spring more than on any other reverb on the market.
Plate — A meticulous simulation of vintage plate reverbs from the 50s and 60s. It reproduces the simple yet beautiful sound of a sound sent over a large, suspended sheet metal plate.
Lo-Fi — An enveloping reverb that can be distorted and overdriven. Pitch variations are also possible to deconstruct the audio you inject into it. Ideal for adding a touch of "badness" to your sound!
Modverb — This effect revisits the mythical combination of a tremolo and a spring reverb found in many vintage amps. You can apply the tremolo effect to your signal dry, wet or both.
Shimmer — This pitch-shifted reverb blends Room reverb and octave-up for an angelic sound. Connect the Shimmer engine to the Neuro Desktop Editor and go octave higher to many other intervals. Hold the Option footswitch for a creative pitched dive-bomb effect.
Echoverb — For those who need simultaneous reverb and delay, the Echoverb engine produces an ultra-dense and complex echo, ideal for creating ambiance. Or tone down that cavernous reverb and use the Echoverb engine like a classic delay pedal.
Swell — This engine applies a fade-in effect to your dry signal, which is then sent into the reverb which generates an atmospheric effect.
Offspring — Nothing else sounds like an Offspring reverb. This unique and dramatic effect sits between the sound of an angelic harp and a futuristic sci-fi soundtrack.
Reverse — Create reverse effects with this superb reverb engine. Set the MIX knob to 100% wet for a massive effect, or mix your signal dry and get some really cool background effects.
Outboard Spring — Like the True Spring engine, the Outboard mod reproduces the sound of a classic spring reverb. But this engine specifically recreates the sound of reverb tanks in the vein of the Fender 6G15 or the more contemporary SurfyBear Reverb. The most notable feature is how this reverb flows, disperses, diffuses into its early reflections. A sound sought after by many surf-rock guitarists from coast to coast.
Metal Box — Straight from the mind of Source Audio's Bob Childlaw, the Metal Box captures reverberations within a small space with highly reflective surfaces. Imagine your guitar amp being played in the middle of a cargo container? It's wild to imagine, and even wilder to hear! Turn up the modulation setting and lower the reverb time for some interesting choruses.

Once played, the Ventris offers a very organic, very dense sound signature. There is thickness within the effect. This one, whatever the selected mode, never sounds "thin" but on the contrary, very rich, with a wide spectrum and a very nice spatialization. Very few machines on the market can boast of such quality. The notes are plain, defined, with an immediately identifiable sound signature. THE sound signature of the Ventris is this very natural, organic side that emerges from the effect when it is played. It surrounds you, you look for its smallest details and you literally lose yourself in all the very beautiful layers of effect it can create. A truly impressive machine with disconcerting ease of use.

The Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb is a quality competitor to the Strymon BigSky . A remarkable machine which benefits not only from a solid architecture, but also from ultra qualitative effects and almost limitless possibilities thanks to the application which offers a power rarely seen. A reference of the genre that every reverb fan must have.

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