True Spring Reverb

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True Spring Reverb
True Spring Reverb
True Spring Reverb
True Spring Reverb
True Spring Reverb
True Spring Reverb
Source Audio's One Series range covers all the needs of today's guitar and bass players. The range has so far benefited from a good number of effects, but what would it be without a quality reverb processor? It's done with the True Spring Reverb. Inside this very pretty brushed aluminum case with a shimmering color, hides a premium spring reverb that will make everyone agree!
Source Audio uses the same platform set up with the Nemesis, the Ventris and others… to create this superb and overpowered machine capable of delivering some of the most beautiful Spring Reverbs on the market.

A little history. Pedal out of the box, we see that the assembly is perfect, the compact size and the grip very intuitive. Inside, there are high quality PCBs based on the SA601 architecture, as well as a 56-bit SIGMA DSP developed by Analog Devices Inc. At Source Audio, it's not kidding, the brand wants to be at the forefront of audio technologies, the architecture used offers computing power and processing quality that very few brands benefit from. For this True Spring, all the algorithms are developed "in house", and have priority, without using the platform used by many manufacturers. The Source Audio team has spent years researching how to capture all the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the best vintage spring reverbs and tremolos. The result is a unique sound quality, with remarkable depth and precision.

The True Spring Reverb is a stereo effect pedal combining the finest spring reverbs and beautiful tremolos. It is plug-n-play and full of possibilities. In the program:

Short Spring Reverb : Inspired by the unique twang of '60s "blackface" amplifiers. After extensive research, Source Audio was able to recreate the full diversity of a wide variety of spring reverbs within many tube amps. Some sounded tighter and less lively, while others sounded more liquid, with longer sustain and livelier reverb tails. The SHORT Spring reverb engine delivers precise sound with fast decay and smooth tails.
Long Spring Reverb : Produces long, deep reverbs with a liquid edge and very lively trails/tails. The LONG Spring Engine isn't quite as spectacular as the TANK Reverb Engine, but it delivers an extremely authentic representation of some of the liveliest spring reverbs the brand has found within many vintage combos.
Spring Reverb Tank (outboard) : Captures the unmistakable effect of 60s tube reverb tanks. This reverb is inspired by the sound of tanks like the Fender 6G15™, characterized by its "drippy" attack and tail very lively and complex reverb. This original two-spring design produces a very twangy sound, typical of surf rock and spaghetti westerns. A legendary sound signature.

The Tremolo part uses the algorithms of the Vertigo Tremolo. It can be adjusted via the Control knob which assigns the controls to tremolo mode.

Opto Tremolo : Optical tremolo (aka “Photocell Tremolo”) is the effect found in many 60s combos. This version of tremolo relies on a neon bulb and a light-dependent resistor (a ptocoupler ). The unsymmetrical aspects of the light and optocoupler give this tremolo a very distinct choppy/syncopated character.
Harmonic Tremolo : This unique effect first appeared in Fender "brownface" amps made between 1959 and 1963, which alternately modulated the levels of low and high frequencies in the audio signal. The result is a smooth, complex tremolo that has characteristics reminiscent of a phaser.
Bias Tremolo : This approach to tremolo involves using an LFO to modulate the bias voltage of the tubes within the amp. Concretely, this pushes the tubes to saturate or not. The result is fairly smooth amplitude modulation with a slight overdrive, created by tube saturation.

On the front, there are the following controls: Mix, Level, Dwell and Tone. You can access the 3 types of onboard reverb and tremolo via the mini-toggle switch. That is 6 fully modifiable effect engines.

Guitar in hand, the pedal impresses with its realism and its ability to immerse you in its magnificent reverbs. These are rich, 3D, musical, organic and above all, 100% authentic. They do not crush the attack and retain a beautiful transparency so as not to distort the original dynamics of your signal, this, with an optimized signal to noise ratio. Whatever way you set the True Spring, it remains a tool of exemplary musicality. It's beautiful, detailed and above all very very fun to play, whatever the source used!
We particularly appreciated the audible “details” in each of the modes, these allowing the True Spring to have a real path in its own right. The same goes for the tremolos, which can all be used in a wide variety of situations.

With the Neuro app, you also get extensive parametric EQ capabilities, stereo routing options, and advanced internal features.
For example, you can combine several effects (any reverb) in series or parallel, split the signal on each output and send each effect engine to a specific output. Nothing prevents you from having an effect on the right and another type of effect on the left. Impressive!
You also get full MIDI support and the ability to control the pedal via an external tap tempo or expression pedal.

The Source Audio True Spring Reverb is a serious competitor to the Strymon Flint. It is a real Swiss army knife for fans of vintage reverbs and tremolos. The concept is formidable, the flexibility enormous, the possibilities almost infinite via the application, and its sound signature particularly addictive. All for one of the most attractive prices!

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