No More Tears Gold 72

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No More Tears Gold 72
No More Tears Gold 72
No More Tears Gold 72
No More Tears Gold 72
No More Tears Gold 72
Ah the wah wah... A great classic, revised many times, which must be offered by any good brand of effect. Friedman thus arrives with this No More Tears Gold 72, a Crybaby largely modified to be more musical and to dispense with the faults of the original!

Aesthetic level, no surprise, the traditional Dunlop case is retained. For what? Well because we haven't done better until now! The ergonomics are top notch, the rack system almost indestructible, all of which have proven themselves over the past 50+ years. The finish is neat, similar to the original, it's a tank you can jump on with both feet. Inside, a well-organized, well-built PCB. It's clean.

The Friedman No More Tears Gold-72 Wah delivers all the "classic" sounds that have made the Wah Wah pedal so successful in recent decades. So you tell me, what's the difference with the Dunlop? Well it is above all an extended control over the effect, with more nuances and different ranges of use. It's also small tweaks that make it more pleasant to use. For example, adding an LED to know when the effect pedal is active or not. Also, a small 3-position toggle switch. These 3 positions allow you to access different frequency ranges depending on your playing style. With more or less high-mids, bite or amplitude.
Another improvement, this time mechanical, the Gold-72 benefits from a small adjustable screw with an Allen key, which allows you to adjust the hardness of the footboard and its action, according to the preferences of your big toes. Add to that the true-bypass, a buffer that can be activated or deactivated... there you have it, a versatile, well-made Wah, with all the updates necessary for the happiness of every little or big guitarist!

Let's talk a bit about sound. The Gold-72 Wah is a very vocal wah, with plenty of "wakwak" and a very musical "filter" that will immerse you in the best rock and funk references that everyone loves. Whether you play clean-funk, blues, or heavy metal, the Gold-72 Wah gives you the range to suit your needs. A flick of the mini-switch and off you go.

With this No More Tears Gold 72, Dave Friedman revisits a great classic by competing with the Dunlop CB-535Q and other references of the genre. Dave Friedman gives us a Wah Wah with a very Vintage vibe benefiting from a great versatility and some mods that were sorely lacking in the original. All for a well-positioned price. A very good wah that will fit like a glove to those who need a model to play different styles while being less "typical" than most of the more specific wahs available on the market.

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