Masaki Saito started his business in 1991, opening a "repair shop" in the heart of Tokyo. In his workshop, he supports repairs for stores, distributors and brands, with a passion for restoring vintage guitars. He continued this activity until 2013, when he created SAITO Guitars after having gained a very solid reputation during these two decades.

    At SAITO Guitars, we are entitled to 100% made in Japan, with ultra-quality production and totally original designs. The brand's philosophy is... typically Japanese! Quality, seriousness, sobriety and passion for a job well done! SAITO only manufactures around 30 instruments per month, ranging from sophisticated archtops to very high-end solid bodies. Here, nothing is left to the detail, meticulousness is essential and very careful production.
    At SAITO Guitars, the woods are naturally dried and the finishes are done "in house" to obtain a unique production. Indeed, SAITO develops its own production tools, its own varnishes, glues, microphones and a large part of its hardware. The use of digital machines combined with manual work allows us to produce Custom Shop instruments with impressive quality and for a fraction of the price of many well-known US brands.

    At SAITO Guitars, there is no "standard" model. All guitars are custom orders, made to order and following a list of available options. As always with Japanese manufacturers, at Guitars Rebellion we have a very close relationship with the brand. This allows us to choose and select, on site, each piece of wood used for manufacturing. The list of options is available on this link.
    You can therefore choose the essences for the fingerboard and the body, the pickups, the hardware, the finishing details such as varnishes, logos, inlays, and other nuances that will allow you to personalize your guitar according to your wishes.
    Saito guitars are exclusively equipped with Saytone pickups, which are in fact the brand's pickups, manufactured directly by Saito in the workshop.
    SAITO is a brand that literally blew us away during our tests. We are therefore delighted to welcome them and to be their exclusive representatives in Europe. To test urgently!