Years ago, when Dennis Fano started "Fano Guitars", Guitars Rebellion was one of the very first dealers of the brand in Europe. We continued the adventure when Premier Builders Guild took over this pretty baby. In 2016, helped by a very small team (5 people in total), Dennis decided to relaunch a bold new project: NOVO Guitars. And the least we can say is that it has, once again, succeeded in renewing itself by offering original instruments, with unique lines and extremely well made!

    Novo guitars are built in Nashville, Tennessee. The brand produces only a few dozen instruments per month. This, with the greatest care and with selected essences.

    Rivolta guitars are the more accessible alternative to NOVO guitars. We use the same ideas, similar designs and Dennis Fano still in charge. The Rivolta are made in South Korea, by a quality factory that scrupulously respects the specifications of the brand. Quality wood, neat finish and original pickups, all at an affordable price.

    If you are looking for unique instruments with real sound signatures in their own right, the Rivolta will, we are sure, be an alternative not to be missed!

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