Your custom-made ESP Custom Shop guitar? That's why we are the ESP overseas specialists!

Some time ago, a customer placed an order with us for a rather special Stephen Carpenter ESP Custom Shop. Indeed, he wanted this model in custom color. Normally, Signature models are not customizable, but thanks to our relationship with the brand, it is possible!

We discuss the project with the brand, we validate with the client, the deposit is taken and the manufacturing time set at... 1 year! Yes, a custom made instrument, it deserves, you have to see patience!

COVID is here, Japan is closed (still is as of this writing) but... not for everyone! Embassy, visa, come on, let's go to Tokyo!

So we arrive at our subsidiary in Tokyo, in a purified Japan, there are indeed no more tourists.
Come on, let's go to ESP! 40 mins by train from Shinjuku, we arrive in Saitama in the suburbs of Tokyo and meet the usual team that we have known for almost 20 years. Direction the wood stock, one of the places that we particularly like.

If you knew the number of hours we spend here on a regular basis ordering the 10 or so Custom Shop instruments that we have each year. Here the woods are naturally dried for several years and only the best of the best is used. And take our word for it, there are choices.
We make our market, we settle the details, we launch the manufacturing and we tele-transport 10 months later. Here is the result!

She's almost finished. All that remains is to assemble the electronics, the hardware and a few details. She will be flying in a few weeks to arrive at our place until the client comes to pick her up.

A unique example in the world, we have chosen the wood species, supervised production and kept the customer informed during manufacturing, offering continuous monitoring.

Would you also like to access the ESP Custom Shop and design a totally bespoke model, or just adapted / slightly modified to meet your needs? Contact us, Guitars Rebellion is the reference outside Japan for everything related to the brand.


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