Used by Joe Satriani, Mark Tremonti, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Doug Rappoport, Eric Steckel, Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails), Brett Garsed, and Vinnie Moore (sorry), Mezzabarba amps are the result of the joint work of a small team of talented Italian engineers.

    Based in a very small town between Rome and Florence, Masotti Guitar Devices manufactures high-end, handmade "boutique" amps through its Mezzabarba brand. Mezzabarba amps are the result of an obsession for quality and the quest for a unique and addictive sound signature. Each amp is made in PTP on a turret board, hand-wired, with selected components and custom transformers made in Italy. The attention to detail is omnipresent and the passion for a job well done is visible at every stage of production.

    From the clean low wattage platform to the 3-channel head capable of delivering plenty of gain, Mezzabarba offers a complete range of amps with all the tools necessary for modern guitarists (Dual Master, MIDI...) With Mezzabarba you have the best European amplification at your fingertips.

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