VS Audio at Guitars Rebellion!

VS Audio at Guitars Rebellion

The Greek brand VS Audio arrives exclusively at Guitars Rebellion.

It was in 2011 that Panos Sotiropoulos and Costas Theoharis, two electronic engineers and great guitar fans, met. The discussions between the two friends revolve mainly around the equipment and the instrument. The two friends therefore decide to join forces to be able to create by themselves what they cannot find on the market.

This is how Versus Pedals was born, which will become VS Audio in 2016. VS Audio is the story of two enthusiasts who decide to live from their passion, by offering high quality boutique products, made in Greece, with the greater care.

VS Audio offers effects of all styles, with a particular preference for Overdrives / Distortions which are of remarkable quality! The brand only offers original circuits, VS Audio offering pedals with a unique sound signature and not clones of already existing classics.

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